Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Audiograde Calora

With the CALORA, AUDIOGRADE presents the logical progression of its world-first loudspeakers cast from a single mold and with it the next stage of evolution in the history of handmade loudspeaker design in the 21st century. The CALORA was created with two seamless, fully-enclosed housings made from massive PolyGrade™ polymer concrete – a specially-developed and absolutely perfect acoustic material. Because in contrast to a musical instrument made from wood, an ideal loudspeaker cabinet produces no vibrations of its own even under extreme conditions.

Reference-quality sound through zero-resonance polymer concrete cabinet

The choice of cabinet materials for the CALORA strictly follows our highest ideal for uncomprising high-end reference loudspeakers. Our secret recipe is PolyGrade™ – a perfected special material taking advantage of the optimal qualities of concrete, thus offering a critical benefit over loudspeakers made from wood. PolyGrade™ is many times denser than wood and gives the housing of the CALORA an incredible resonance- and vibrationfree design – a fundamtental criterion of quality for high-end loudspeakers.

SSX™ Sweet Spot Expansion
The world's first waveguide for all-ceramic drivers delivers unparalled sound imaging

Passive 4-way high-end speaker system

Individually moulded cast housings of PolyGrade™ zero-resonance polymer concrete
2 x 25 cm bass driver in fully enclosed, seamless cast housing
1 x 17 cm all-ceramic accuton© low-mid driver in fully enclosed, seamless cast housing
1 x 50 mm all-ceramic accuton© mid driver with SSX™ Sweet Spot Expansion waveguide
1 x 25 mm all-ceramic accuton© mid driver with SSX™ Sweet Spot Expansion waveguide

Handcrafted crossover with air coils and silver capacitors by Mundorf
Plasma-coated connection panel made of aluminium with gold-plated connectors by Furutech
Optional accuton© diamond tweeter and midrange driver
Customized designs (veneering, special finishing) on request

Dimensions: 350 x 450 x 1380 cm (with socket: 520 x 620 x 1430 cm)

Weight: 250 kg

4 x 400 W bridged output stages Class-D
DSP-based Loudspeaker Management System
Digital Room Control Processor
96 kHz / 24 bit, automatic sample rate converter

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