Saturday, February 15, 2014

VdH The Excalibur

€19500 /pr

After The Grail SB (Phone-amplifier) and The Emerald (Pre-amplifier), the last item in our electronic equipment range: The Excalibur (Power-amplifier) is available now.

Our employee Juergen Ultee has really created a super design. The two The Excalibur mono-amplifiers were, for the first time, demonstrated during the Munich Hi-End show.

As you can see at the picture taken in the demo-room.

The 26 Kg. housing is the same as used before in The Grail SB and The Emerald.

And the dark red wooden side panels produce a very attractive visual cosmetic tough.

Some of the interesting specs are:

Completely DC coupled circuitry. To work also in warm environments, the temperature is constantly monitored and active controlled by two extremely silent air-vans. This gives a very compact design related to the produced power of  minimal 100 Watt at 8 Ohm load impedance. The clipping level is 112 Watt at 8 Ohm. And at 4 Ohm load impedance,  the output is 130 W. The clipping level is at 4 Ohm over 150 Watt.

The output of The Excalibur is protected against shunts of any type and any DC input.

The frequency range is limited at the input at 380 KHz.. The amplifier without input limitations is flat till over 10 MHz. This to create equal internal signal speed for both 10 Hz and 100 KHz. to maintain very precise phase relations  and related spacious orientation.

The input connectors are both balanced (33 KOhm) and unbalanced (26 KOhm).

An extra XLR connector is available to link trough to another Excalibur in case you like to work Bi-Amped.

The power voltage needs to be specified: 120 V or 230 Volt.

For packing we use the same sturdy cases as are already used for The Grail SB and The Emerald.

Also two versions in cosmetics: The regular crème version with the dark-red side panels and also a black version with light wooden side panels.  And in case your customer wants Ferrari red housing, we will supply on specification with some extra cost.