Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Stage III Power Cords – Triton, Kraken, Trydent

Stage III announces new power cords.

Kraken ($8,400 USD/1.5 meter)
Triton ($6,000 USD/1.5 meter)
Trydent ($4,000 USD/1.5 meter)

Within 3-4 weeks we will have another new power cord below the Trydent with an estimated price of $2,000 USD/1.5 meter.

In late 2014 we will have another new power cord above the Kraken. This will be a monster power cord which could be in the $15,000 USD range.

With the introduction of the Kraken technology we quickly discovered how superior this design was over all previous Stage III power cords. Therefore it became necessary to replace all the models. All of our new power cords share the Kraken technology.

The Triton is around a 75% Kraken inside, and also palladium/ silver
The Trydent is almost a Triton, but with all silver and less damping/shielding
The new entry model will be around a 25% Kraken with all silver
The new monster… well you will simply have to wait for this one

All the current model power cords will be discontinued.