Saturday, January 18, 2014

Mola-Mola New DAC Prototype

From Stereophile:

The stack of boards is a working prototype. The final design will fit flat in a typical chassis.

Mola-Mola's Bruno Putzeys says that he wants to leapfrog the idea of incremental DAC design and create a product that puts us a decade down the road in one jump. To that end, he was showing off a prototype design that he has working, but not fit into a product yet. He adds that it should be ready in about a year.

The soft spoken Putzeys, from the Netherlands, was stationed in Philip O'Hanlon's On a Higher Note suite atop the Mirage hotel, and handed me a brochure and pointed out some details. "Some things can't be done with off the shelf chips. Today's best DAC chip claims no better than 22 bits worth of dynamic range. Mola-Mola's DAC is designed from the ground up using circuits and digital algorithms developed in-house."

Putzeys said the new design is equivalent to 8xDSD.