Sunday, January 5, 2014

dc10audio L'Instrument Grande Voix

The Instrument series will set a new standard in dynamic realism. From airy violins to the thunder of the deepest bass, sound is delivered with speed, accuracy, and nimble posture. The Instrument is a symphony much greater than its parts and operates as a whole without truncation, using the organic power of the horn to correct the limitations of the antiquated cone/panel transducer. It is beautiful to look at and even more beautiful to listen to.

The Instrument Grande Voix will move your emotions with its sonic strength and tender nuance.


Dual solid heirloom Maple horns (20” and 13.5”)

Massive 18-inch bass driver

8-inch wide-range driver with alnico magnet

Exclusive horn-loaded tweeter doubling as bass-reflex port (special textile dome tweeter with oversized alnico magnet)

Dual resonators (instruments): External resonator in vintage Tiger Maple; internal resonator in Vintage Port Orford Cedar

3-layer cabinet finished in solid 1/2-inch wood; no veneer

dc10audio pure copper, solid core internal wiring

Duelund CAST copper foil capacitors

Duelund CAST copper foil inductors

Frequency response: 19 Hz-25,000 Hz (+/-3db)

Sensitivity: estimated 102 dB

Impedance: 6 ohms

Overall size: 57" high x 34" wide x 20" deep each

Weight: 375 lbs each

Price for pair: $82,000

Grande Voix with CAST silver foil option: $142,000