Saturday, March 3, 2012

Audrilabs Novachord


Audrilabs Novachord is an integrated amplifier based on a hybrid preamp running in class A. This preamp drives an analog class D power stage. The classic 6H30Pi Russian twin triode is the tube of choice because it works with very low resistor values in the signal path.

This design is free of global negative feedback and there’s only very little local negative feedback. There are two mono preamplifiers and two power amplifiers into one chassis.

Inside the Novachord there are four toroidal transformers. The power stage is fed by a huge 1.4KVA power toroid with a 88.000µF capacitor bank to generate 500 watts into 4Ω. Each preamplifier channel with its multi-layer circuit board has its own toroidal power transformer and separate power supply. The fourth transformer feeds the LCD, touch-screen management micro controller and tube heater supplies.

Volume attenuation is via a DACT 24-position stepper attenuator.

With its orange/black touch screen for input/bypass/setup selection and that lone multi-function master control, the Novachord presents an exceptionally tidy and modern face to the world.

Novachord has 3+1 RCA+XLR inputs and one pair of top-quality Furutech speaker terminals.

Power specs are 220/500w into 8/4Ω. Peak output current is 46A. Frequency response is 4Hz to 60kHz ±3dB. Damping factor is 1.500 @ 1kHz. Dimensions are 480 x 474 x 154 DxWxH.