Monday, December 26, 2011

Zanden Audio Model 6000 Integrated Amplifier

Zanden Audio introduced its first integrated power amplifier, the Model 6000. It includes a full-function remote control for volume, source selection, muting and absolute polarity inversion. These functions are accessible also via a rotary knob and switches on the unit itself.

The preamplifier section offers 3 inputs plus unity gain in a home theater or as a power amplifier with separate preamplifier. The model 6000 utilizes 4 x KT-120 in push/pull to achieve 100 watts per channel. The 1st and 2nd voltage gain stages use 4 x 12AU7A, one per stage per channel. Zanden eschews paralleling output tubes and direct-couples the 2nd and 3rd stages of the output circuit, which operates fully balanced.

A number of unique noise absorption and shielding techniques are used throughout including Asahi-Kasei Fibers Corporation’s Pulshut RF noise absorption material.