Friday, December 30, 2011

Aqua Acoustic La Scala HD dac


Combine the latest cutting edge technology with time proven innovation.
"La Scala" will make you love your digital collection without regretting the analog sound. Transparency, musicality, brightness, timbre and spatial coherence, proper scanning time of each musical note and harmonic richness to excite, as with listening to the analog master.

The components with extraordinary attributes of quality, reliability and durability, as well as sonic (capacitors: axial snap-in and 105 ° long life, metal film resistors and film low noise 1% and 0.1%, etc..). Every single component has been chosen and selected after extensive listening tests.

The intense design work and cure to detail is full gratified at every listening.


• Digital inputs:
3 coaxial S / PDIF (2 RCA & 1 BNC) 75 ohms
1 AES / EBU balanced 110 ohms
• High resolution asynchronous High-Speed USB port with resolution up to 24bit and 192KHz streamed into the DAC. A Xcore microcontroller is interfaced directly in I2S protocol conversion board bypassing the digital receiver
• galvanic isolation between digital section and analog
• Digital decoding is done by our exclusive circuit DFD (direct from decoder) without any digital alteration (upsampling, oversampling, digital filters, etc..)
• digital phase selector on front panel
• transformers current / voltage conversion (I / V)
• NOS ECC82 TELEFUNKEN valves analog stage in pure class A without feedback and led polarization
• tube anode supply circuit made with "virtual battery"
• the strands are fed and stabilized by a specific voltage regulator with power rising gradually to lengthen the life of the valves
• D to A conversion made by 4 Burr Brown PCM1704-K with 24-bit resolution and power MOSFET operated by constant current generators made J-FET and BJT
• aluminum anti-resonant cabinet with Nextel and aluminum front panel with a thickness of 10 mm

Aqua Acoustic