Saturday, February 1, 2020

Norse Acoustics news

Recent development has led us to the decision that Norse Acoustics Goddess line will be fully active speakers only.

We have all plans ready for our Goddess line which will consist of three models when the lineup is complete. Our goal is to offer the most accurate speakers on the market within their size and format. They will also cost a lot of money……..unfortunately.

On the other hand, put up against a traditional High-End setup, they will be a bargain. We are talking pistonic, low distortion drivers and transparent electronics. These models were already planned, but we decided to drop the passive and semi-active versions. Below you can see the design study for the largest model. We call it Frigg.

Unfortunately, Goddess series will probably not be available until Q4 2020, but it will be worth the wait.

There are lower cost alternatives in the pipeline where most of the ‘R’ has been done, and they are in line for the ‘D’. (R-Research, D-Development)

What about enthusiasts looking for analog and/or passive solutions?
We have some exiting news to show you in a short while. But it will not be Norse Acoustics brand……

PS! Please be aware that the pictures are not the final product. It’s very close in shape and size, but the final version will have different drivers, and some very nice details that we have not implemented yet.