Tuesday, February 5, 2019

KuraDa KD-P1 Headphone


53 mm driver unit designed exclusively

We developed a new driver unit to realize sufficient low frequency while it is fully open. Adopting a neodymium magnet with strong magnetic energy. By thinning the thickness of the diaphragm until durability permits it, it has become possible to express precise sound accurately.

Full Open Structure without housing adopts a fully open housing that does not cause excessive resonance or resonance. All the main parts of the housing are cut out from the chunk of A 7075 (Ultra duralumin) and produced. All movable parts are supported by stainless steel bearings, eliminate noise and distortion, and move smoothly.

It is designed not only from the appearance impact, but also on the research, so as to obtain the best sound quality from various perspectives such as housing rigidity, driver unit mounting angle, distance to the ear, installation area of ​​the ear pad, and so on.

Driver unit - 53 mm Dynamic type

Sensitivity - 96 dB

Impedance - 42 Ω

Frequency - 20 - 20,000 Hz

Weight - 550 g (not including code)

Cable specification - 3.0 m OFC detachable type