Friday, June 15, 2018

Langer Audio No.9

Key features Langer No.9:

Equipped with our langer DD104 direct drive
Absolute low noise drive
Extremely low wow and flutter values
Longlife and Zero maintenance
Platter speeds: 33, 45 and 78
Elegant and solid Chassis design
Housing offers enough space for maximum flexibility in tonearm selection
Main body is milled of special MDF compound, with fine veneer surface
Carrier plate for motor and tonearm is milled of a solid aluminum block
Massive, full metal bottom plate
Height adjustable foots, made of anodized aluminum
External power supply, covered in extra housing, made of solid aluminum
Operation friendly
Quick speed stabilization
Easy operation with a simple rotary switch

Tonearm Integration:
Adapter Plates for all kind of tonearm designs available
Tonearms with an effective length from 9 to 12” can be easily integrated
Huge opening in the bottom plate, allows easy cable management for the tonearm

Brushless Direct Drive Motor with optoelectronic speed feedback
Electronic speed control, with analog circuit type

Precision manufactured from Aluminum
ø304 mm
Weight incl. platter mat
2,7 kg

Platter speeds
Fine adjustment with poti for each speed (for setup only, not for normal operation)
33 1/3, 45, 78 min

Time from start to set speed at 33 1/3 rpm
4-5 s

Wow and flutter
(according to DIN)
< ± 0.04%

Chassis design
Heavy aluminum base plate with adjustable stands
Carrier plate on top for Motor and Tonearm is made of solid aluminum
Plinth design is machined from a MDF-Compound block with fine veneer finish

Tonearm integration
Huge hole in Housing and Bottom Plate
ø154 mm

Distance hole (center) to platter center
259 mm

Outside dimensions:

Width 520 mm
Depth 425 mm
Height 130 mm

Power supply
Length 110 mm
Width 80 mm
Height 50 mm

Weight of turntable and power supply
20 kg and 0,75 kg

Mains voltage
Universal wide range input
90-264VAC / 47-63Hz

Power consumption
Maximum power consumption
30 W
Power consumption during playback