Thursday, April 19, 2018

S.A.Lab Hercules Integrated amplifier

750,000 Rub

Hercules Integrated is younger brother of S.A.Lab’s flagship Hercules MkII Magister of Music. S.A.Lab offers more compact and affordable amplifier which is technologically identical to grand Hercules MkII Magister of Music and can compete with solid state units for output power, sound dynamics and its ability to match any speakers. S.A.Lab Hercules Integrated possesses incredibly acute musical vision.

S.A.Lab Hercules Integrated’s output power is 2 х 75 W (4 Ohm). «Hercules Junior» inherited Senior’s tubes: 6072, 6v6 and Russian output 6п36с. All tubes are produced in 1970s and earlier.

By S.A.Lab longstanding tradition the output transformers are custom designed and handcrafted by the company. Transformers are similar to those used in Hercules MkII and have power-to-size ratio 800 W each (2 x 800 W).

Power supply contains 600 W transformer. Separate transformers are provided for heating (200 W), biasing and driver stage. The overall transformer’s power exceeds 1 kW.

Schematic architectonics of Hercules Integrated is similar to that of Hercules MkII. Module design provides easy access to any part of amplifier’s tract.

Volume control unit is based on relay-commutated resistor arrays.

There are five line inputs (4 RCA и XLR), outputs of both types and terminals for 4- and 8 Ohm speakers.

The front panel is manufactured from polished Corian (artificial marble). Corian’s enormous color palette enables to choose almost any color.