Thursday, March 29, 2018

FLOW One by Allegro Audio

FLOW One is a class AB dual-mono, semi-conductor controlled integrated stereo amplifier. Two 400 VA toroid transformers provide its energy supply. Its performance is 8Ω at 80Watts and 4Ω at 140Watts per channel. Nominal performance is 400 Watts.

The bandwidth provided by the semiconductor technology, the transient transmission, speed, dynamics and the noise-free background all ensure perfect sound quality, detail and richness eliminating all distortions. The strict selection and testing of the capacitors and resistors with exceptional phase, tolerance and speed characteristics, as well as the paired MOSFET transistors and other components and their subsequent brazing on the circuit boards is done with delicate handwork.

We place great emphasis on the internal wiring of the devices and the connector terminals. FLOW One by Allegro Audio has a high purity copper UP-OCC monocrystalline internal cable in the signal path to ensure even, optimal signal transmission. The terminals are WBT NextGen™ connectors facilitating eddy-free connection. The internally optimized noise reduction of the housing and reduced resonance transmission of the plinth result in low own noise ensuring a balanced, clear sound.

The display module is behind a glass plate placed in a black, dust-painted aluminum ring. It can indicate the set volume and the selected input. Naturally, brightness of the display can be dimmed completely leaving only a stand-by signal to help relaxed listening. Volume setting of the device is performed in a closed system with a relay-switched controller in 63 steps with 1 dB intervals.

Power output: 8 Ω – 80 W / 4 Ω – 140 W
Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz
THD + Noise Less than: 0.06%
SNR (Signal Noise Ratio): 96 dB
Audio inputs: 4 RCA analog signal inputs
Audio outputs: 1 pair of speaker outputs, right and left
Power consumption: 400 W
Standby: 75 W
Dimensions (mm): W 440 x H 200 x D 430mm
Weight (net): 25 kg
Finish: Hand polished semi-matte brazil-nut front cover