Sunday, January 14, 2018

Vaessen Orb studio monitor

The Orb studio monitor has been designed to provide superb, uncolored, unlimited full frequency range response in a single enclosure.

Due to our very successful research on the Galaxy & Aquarius loudspeakersystems, the Orb has a sonic character quite similar to its larger predecessors.

Using structural Fibreglass enclosure, speaker drivers, and time alignment technology The Orb is truly the thoroughbred of its class, and is well suited to carrying on the heritage of Vaessen Audiodesign Loudspeakers.

One of Koen Vaessen’s most important criteria in speaker design is that a speaker meets the accuracy and dynamic demands of studio monitoring, analog sounding hardware, software evaluation and critical music listening.

Therefore, the Orb has been designed to deliver all of the speed, dynamics and musical accuracy to satisfy even the most demanding music lovers.

The Orb has also been engineered to take full advantage of today’s multichannel surround formats. The Orb will provide the speed, dynamic impact and realism you have come to expect in a high performance home theater system.

Orb Reference Monitor

8" Carbon Fibre woofer
1" Silk Dome Tweeter
35-30.000Hz @ 8 Ohm
For amps between 12 & 200 W

Orb Ribbon Reference Monitor

8" Carbon Fibre woofer
RAAL Ribbon Tweeter
35-100.000Hz @ 8 Ohm
For amps between 12 & 200 W