Thursday, September 28, 2017

Ø Audio Icon


Ø Audio is made for us who simply just want to enjoy the music and forget about the rest!

We had long been looking for a pair high quality speakers that interested us a bit more than average, but after searching and searching without finding what we looked for we decided to make it ourselves.

Ø Audio Icon is the result of a few years with a lot of testing, building and measurements. We are very proud of the result and hope it can be of interest for other enthusiasts!

Our first only speaker model is called Icon.

Icon is made to be able to present the music in a precise, open and entertaining way. Our main goal when listening to music is to be able to just listen to the music without thinking about the speakers, amplifier, source or any other part in the setup.

High efficiency - Easy to drive

The Ø Audio Icon is a high efficiency speaker that is easy to drive even for low powered tube amplifiers. They are recomended to be used with amplifiers from around 8w depending on the setup and room size!

Asymetrical design

The Icon have a unique asymetrical design with no parallel walls. This gives very little resonances and also reduce the problems with reflecting soundwaves inside the cabinet.

Top of the line components

Ø Audio do only use top of the line components all they way in our products. We use custom designed woofers from Acoustic Elegance, Italian made compression drivers, Crossover components from Duelund and Jantzen and enclosure handcrafted in Poland.

Controlled Directivity

The Icon have a controlled directivity! The horn have a directicity of 60 degree horizontally, which is a bit more narrow than many other hifi speakers. This results in less reflections from sidewalls, which makes a better and more precise soundstage in most situations.


Sensitvity: 93dB
Frequency response: 27-20 khz
Impedance: 8ohm
Tweeter: Coated titanium diaphragm (3" Voice Coil)
Woofer: 12" with Lambda motor
Weight: 50kg/pc
Dimensions: 100x50x36cm (HxDxW)
Recommended amplifier: 8-500w

Matt Black Grey Lacquer(RAL 7021)
Matt White

Want a special color?

All colors in the RAL color chart can be ordered (matt and high gloss) + €650