Saturday, May 6, 2017

Boulder 1110 Preamplifier & 1160 Stereo Power Amplifier

1110 Preamplier Features:

Five balanced analog inputs on superior XLR connectors

New, fully-balanced volume control for reduced distortion and step noise

A large, full-color LCD display to clearly indicate all functions and settings

Browser control of all front panel, remote, and naming settings

Comprehensive browser-based setup of preamp preferences

IP control for seamless integration into home automation systems

Ethernet connection for future software updates

Low power-consumption Standby mode

Dimensions: 18” (45.8 cm) W x 5.75” (14.6 cm) H x 16” (40.7 cm) D

U.S. Retail $21.000

1160 Stereo Amplifier Features:

300W per channel of continuous power into any load

Improved ground scheme reduces distortion

Balanced topology from input to output

New protection circuitry monitors line voltage and amplifier operation

Browser control and monitoring of all functions

IP control for use in automated theater or home control systems

Dual, encased, magnetically shielded power transformers, one for each channel

Low power-consumption Standby mode

Dimensions: 18" (45.8 cm) W x 9.5” (24.2 cm) H x 22.75” (57.8 cm) D

U.S. Retail $28.000