Saturday, March 25, 2017

Plinius RM-10

RM-10 marks the flagship electronic designs and the highest level build quality of stereo preamplifier housed in a new aesthetic design.

The RM-10 will be closely followed by Class A Power Amplifiers RA-300 and RA-125.

Key features of the new RM-10 Stereo Preamplifier:

New Discrete Circuit Design using only discrete components for lowest possible noise and distortion figures.

Analogue Balance Control for accurate adjustment of the audio level.

High Performance HT Bypass eliminates additional balanced/single ended signal processing and passes the signal through the high quality line amplifier stage.

Adjustable Line Stage Gain allows the adjustment of either the standard 12dB gain or a lower noise 0dB gain setting.

Dual Mono Configuration ie. a dedicated transformer and power supply for each of the left and right channels allows complete isolation of the signals and importantly the ground reference paths.


Line Inputs: 3 x XLR/RCA selectable, 3 x dedicated RCA
HT Bypass: 1 x XLR/RCA selectable
Line Outputs: 2 x XLR/RCA
Connectivity: 1 x Trigger In, 2 x Trigger Out, 1 x RC5 In
Gain: High: 12dB (4x), Low: 0dB (1x)
Input Impedance: 10K Ohms
Height: 170mm (6-3/4”)
Width: 510mm (20”)
Depth: 520mm (20-1/2”)
Weight: 20kg (44lbs)