Thursday, September 1, 2016

SA Lab Samson

SA Lab Samson is tube amplifying trio consisting of preamplifier and two monoblocks.

Samson has become the very first SA Lab amplifier with output tubes working in ultra linear mode. 120 W (4 Ohm) push-pull monoblock’s  output stages were built on four beam-power tetrode 6п36с (USSR, 1978). Furthermore there are ECC82 (Tungsram, 1970)  and driver 6п6 (USSR, 1968; can be replaced to 6v6). All the bulbs are of highest quality and conditions.

Head of SA Lab designed the very complicated output transformer that takes a lot of time for manufacturing exclusively by hands. Transformer’s special auxiliary winding bears interfering signal that is mixed into output signal under very limited negative feedback of 3 dB. The result is very low distortions within the whole audio spectrum.

Technical specifications

Output power (4 Ohm), W — 120
Signal-to-noise ratio (unweighted), dB — 100
THD (50% of output power, 20 Hz — 20 rHz, % — 0,3
Damping factor (4 Ohm) — 18