Saturday, August 20, 2016

Acoustical Systems Evocator Phono Stage

We herewith introduce the Evocator our full-feature reference tube RIAA phono stage.

With the Evocator we complete our product portfolio as it was the last major component "missing" in the all analog front end chain.

The Evocator all-triode-tube reference RIAA phono stage featuring:

Full feature 4 phono inputs – RCA and balanced - w/3 selectable gain stages for MC

2 outputs – RCA and balanced – 600 Ohms studio pro standard

Front panel selectable load for capacitance and impedance for MI and MM

Front panel selectable load impedance for MC inputs

Front panel selectable phono phase 0° and 180° inverted

Front panel selectable Mono / Stereo

Separate power supply with tube rectification and

DC tube regulated plate supply

Selectable grounding route for zero hum

Operates 100 to 250 V ac line – 50Hz and 60 Hz

Highest quality connections: WBT (RCAs), Eichmann (RCAs choice) Furutech (IEC socket and XLR (choice)), Lemo (power supply to phono stage)

Made with PTFE-circuit boards gel-cushioned for vibration isolation, pure silver foil in oil capacitors, premium grade triodes, top-class RCA and XLR connectors and entirely non-magnetic high dampened alloy cabinets

Entirely designed and made in Germany