Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Vienna Physix Divina

The horn is radiating the high frequency range, and a 18cm bass-reflex system the bass, while the bass is transmitted by a 7 inch speaker mounted in a vented enclosure.

The woofer has excellent properties such as completely new designed magnet system which halves the distortion below 100 Hz.

In comparison to other products, even the maximum stroke of the bass membrane is unmatched in this class, and a guarantee for clean, dynamic sound!

The tweeter, with its coated silk diaphragm, is integrated in a soft horn so called Waveguide. This guarantees a stable stereo image even under adverse ambient conditions.

The production of the elaborate housing are carried out on high precision processing machines. For the stabilization of the housing walls  we developed a three-layer sandwich construction of damping and mass elements.

As in our flagship, the DIVA Grandezza, we use for the frequency separating filter components from the company Jantzen Audio.

Case: composite material made of 19 mm MDF, 3mm steel insert, 3 mm bitumen heavy sheet and hollow fiber insulation.

Crossover(frequency separating filter): 12 db design, if desired ( on request) impedance linearization for Tube amplifiers, which is recommended especially in single-ended mode.

The bass reflex duct flow  at the bottom of the housing in the striking distance of the woofer diaphragm. This enhance, the coupling between the Woofer diaphragm and the bass reflex port.

Multi-layer rack: The stand is part of the acoustic concept of the Divina.

The sandwich construction (steel-polymer composite MDF) prevents resonances reliable. The upper cross brace is used as a re-deflector of the bass reflex port.