Thursday, May 19, 2016

Bryston BLP-1


Never say never. Even one year ago, Bryston said we would never build a turntable. What changed?

While developing the new phono preamplifier models BMC and BMM, the wide bandwidth and low distortion of our new gain stages reminded us how breathtaking
and fresh ‘high resolution’ vinyl playback can be. So we turned next to the source.

Each feature represents an effort to engineer remarkably accurate vinyl playback by holding exceptional speed stability and mitigating resonances.

One such feature is the included Bryston BTP-1, a Bryston designed pulse width modulation power supply which powers the BLP-1 motor and holds it to
exceptionally accurate 33 ⅓ and 45 RPM.

Other features include:

Tonearm featuring seven-segment titanium arm tube with integrated headshell is virtually immune to cantilever borne vibration

Belt drive with on-board PWM synchronous low speed / high torque motor achieves perfect belt tension and coupling to platter without added noise.

Innovative hardened carbon-steel spindle and ultra hard bronze bearing polished to 0.02mm tolerance

Dense 35mm thick Delrin® platter with integrated record mat damps non-musical vibration yet preserves incredible detail

Unique vented plinth both eliminates platter turbulence and prevents vibration from reaching the bearing