Friday, November 13, 2015

Dalby Audio Design Celestial & Ode Power distribution stations.

The all new Celestial Reference Power Distributor uses silver and copper litz internal wiring with separate screening and filtering to polarities as well as silicone, silk and cotton insulation, x3 grounding posts and star earthing.

Celestial top and side panels are 9 carat gold plated and comes as standard with integrated Lignum Vitae Isolation Feet and Captive ODE SE (High current) power cable.

Available in Macassar or Dark Mahogany and Burr Walnut. Retail price £25,000.

Supporting six power sources, internal copper liz wiring, separate screening and filtering to polarities, silicone and cotton insulation, one ground post, star earthing, Captive Ode power cable, hardwood chassis in dark mahogany and silver plated top & side panels.

Retail price £15,000.