Monday, October 5, 2015

Perpetuum Ebner PE 4040


The PE 4040 is the top product from the house of PE.

Unmistakably its technical relationship to the legendary PE models. Technically innovative, exciting design, sonically highest requirements becoming, a player has been carefully finished using the highest quality materials created for eternity. Today already a legend.

Technical specifications

Manual subchassis turntable with 2 speeds (33/45 rpm / min.)

Massive, two-part chassis in precious wood and piano lacquer

Drive concept: belt drive over massive aluminum subplatter and precision-flat belts

Motor: Brushless Motor PLCC VarioDrive the local company ebmpapst, with self-developed, intelligent motor control through PID (Proportional Integral Differential calculation) and feedback of the actual speed via Hall sensors

Flexible on shock absorbers mounted and thus freely suspended decoupled motor

Massive, generously dimensioned motor pulley brass, specially stained to minimize slipping action of the belt

10mm steel axle (specially hardened and polished) continuously in engtoleriertem maintenance-free sintered bronze bearings, supported on steel ball, supplemented with magnetic ring of 1 third of the plate carries weight.

Relation Storage on steel ball or storage on magnetic ring on adjusting possible through adjustment on opening in base pan

Integrated power supply with toroidal transformer, device connection via IEC socket with voltage filter

Dust cover fitted with threaded bushings

Subchassis from lasercutted aluminum, acoustically damped additionally, with 3 conical coil springs

3 Kg platter, rear acoustic damped and with a special vinyl edition

Optically clear separation of high gloss lacquered Tonarmboard (always in black piano lacquer, high-gloss)

Damped feet (3 pieces)

Dimensions: Width: 470 / Depth: 340 / Height: 175mm

Weight: 15 kg