Sunday, September 27, 2015

Zeta Zero Orbital 360 Omni-directional wide band ribbon loudspeakers

4 way passive loudspeaker.

Radiating the acoustic energy horizontally in full 360 degree around  plus vertical cone up-down support, giving fantastic acoustic space and realistic stage sound in the listener room, sound perfection completely unknown  from any traditional-conventional loudspeaker box.

No directional radiating. No "hot spot", nor unwanted "sweet spot", no acoustic  beam nor dipol effecton on bass. No any drawbacks of traditional loudpseakers box.

With Orbital360 all the room filled with the real live sound evenly distributed. The sound first time"out of box".Total freedom for the listener's seating position.

Perfect for top stereo as well  as for the most powerful multichannel home cinema.

There are available 2 models in bass unit size (on photo full bass unit size & full power), also available half size bass unit.

Power  available in 4 options:  Watt RMS per one speaker.
1) Orbital360 Discovery    300w   (half bass size)
2) Orbita360 Royal            600w   (half bass size)
3) Orbital360 Imperial     1250w  (half bass size)
4) Orbital360 Reference  2500w  (full  bass size)

Suitable for tube amplifiers too, starting from 10 Watts because of high efficiency up to about 94 dB/1 Watt.

Impedance 2, 4, 8 Ohm depending of the power level and model.

Freq resp. depending on model size  up to: 16 Hz to 50.000 Hz. (real conversion of energy starts from about 13 Hz in the biggest unit).

No traditional L-C-R  crosover. NO crossover coils  in "Orbital360" at all.  Only one capacitor per one mid/high/ultra high loudspeaker.

Made from exotic wood finish ("coat" of wood), possible to change, up to 200 kinds of real wood coat available

Wood "coat" finished in full-gloss & semi-gloss.

All loudspeakers are modular, in 4 independent parts (to make easier moving and transportation by even one person). Ribbon unit(at top) weight about 33 kg.