Saturday, October 13, 2012

Your Final System HD Ref3 SE Music Server Transport


The HD Reference 3 Special Edition (HD.Ref-3) is a state of the art, high definition, reference music server transport. It's modeled after the major label recording studio servers we've seen in today's digital recording set-ups. The Ref-3 is designed to be paired with a USB capable digital to analog converter (DAC) for the best possible performance. There are no left and right "RCA analog outputs" like a CD player. This digital computer transport is specifically designed to be used with a DAC.

We have offered a true reference server unmatched by any current computer music server available today. There's a SOtM USB PCI digital audio output card. We supply your server with 32 GB of RAM, 512 GB of Solid State storage as well as a Blu-Ray Rom drive. You can upgrade to 1TB of SSD storage via a RAID configuration as well. We feel our Ref-3 is substantially better than ANYTHING currently available. The HD Ref-3 is a true Giant Killer at a decent price. The current music server competition just doesn't stand a chance!

If you're not convinced, check out our specs below and then check the competition's top model specs (if they'll even tell you what they are). We've outdone ALL of them by at least a factor of 3. Specs aren't everything and we're well aware of that. We use specs only as a GUIDE to base our comparisons on and use our ears to make the final decision. Either way, we think you'll appreciate our hard work and extensive testing especially once you hear one.

Remember, the YFS HD Ref-3 is totally custom! If you want a feature added or deleted, it's no problem. We'll make the unit exactly to your spec. We'll price the unit according to the options you want.

Pre-loaded CD ripping software and DEMO version of DVD-A ripping software suite
Pre-loaded Audiophile Digital Playback Suite [Foobar 2K, JRiver, JPlay, or AP] of YOUR CHOICE (We recommend Album Player)
Full User Touch Control via your Tablet/ iPad
No Monitor, Keyboard, or Mouse Required for Operation
Rack Mountable EMI/ RFI Shielded Industrial Steel Case with Lockable Front Door for Protection/ Security
Bit-Perfect Playback via PCI Digital Audio Output via USB or XLR (Add $500 for XLR)
True RAM-Buffered Playback Support
Complete Remote Login Support
Access to Your Music Anywhere
Full Future Upgrade Ability
Jukebox-Style Interface (GUI) with Full Touch-Screen Support (With Album Player ONLY)
All Current Bit-Rates Supported for Digital Files Playback (16/44.1 - 32/384)

YFS "Silent Server Design" creates SPL's UNDER 12 dB at normal load from 3 feet away.

6 Core Processing
32 GB of DDR3 Ram
(1) SOtM USB 2.0 Audiophile PCI Digital Output Card
(1) 512 GB SSD (Upgradeable to 1TB if desired via RAID config)
(1) External Non-Switching Power Supply for the SOtM USB Card
(1) Blu-Ray ROM drive
(2) USB 3.0 ports
(8) USB 2.0 ports
(2) Frontside USB 2.0 ports
(1) OPTIONAL Firewire (IEEE 1394) PCI Output Card (Free of Charge If Needed)
(1) HDMI Video Output
(1) DVI Video Output
(1) D-SUB Video Output
Windows 7 Professional Operating System