Wednesday, May 16, 2012

M2Tech Releases Vaughan DAC

M2Tech's new statement converter [€6.000] is a 32/384 async USB unit with a plethora of socketry including word clock, ST glass fiber, 2 x coax, 2 x BNC, 2 x AES/EBU, 2 x Toslink, I-squared-S on Ethernet and USB. Outputs are 6.3mm headphone and RCA/XLR.

Conversion is via eight DACs (four per channel in mono mode). Dithered 32-bit volume allows preamp usage.

The power supply is based on built-in batteries and automated charger circuitry.

The company's Marco Manunta reports that first units began shipping.

Sampling Frequencies: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.2, 192, 352.8, 384
Resolution: 16 to 24bit (S/PDIF, AES/EBU and Optical), 16 to 32 bit via USB
Inputs: 4 x S/PDIF (2 x RCA and 2 x 75 ohm BNC), 2 x AES/EBU (2 x XLR), 2 x Optical Toslink, 2 x Optical AT&T, 1 x USB (Type B), a x I2S (RJ45), 1 x External Master Clock via BNC
External Clock Range: 10-25MHz (recommended 22.5792MHz or 24.576MHz)
SNR: 128db (Unbalanced) 131db (Balanced)
Outputs: 2.5Vrms (7.07Vpp @ 0dbs, unbalanced)
Headphone Output: 100mW @ 100 ohms
Voltage: 90-265VAC, 50-60Hz, Optional high current Lithium-Ion battery with charger
Size: 440(w) x 80(h) x 440(d)mm