Monday, April 30, 2012

Calyx Audio Femto DAC

The Calyx Audio Femto DAC now available in Australia through Wicked Digital is claimed to have such low levels of jitter that it needs to be measured in femtoseconds.

Designed to be the centre-piece of a modern digital-based system, the Calyx Femto DAC is not just a DAC, but can also be used as a digital preamplifier. It has two optical, two coaxial, two AES/EBU and one BNC input, all capable of 24/192 data rates, plus a USB input that is both USB 2.0 compliant and asynchronous in operation.

Output is via gold plated unbalanced RCA outputs, or fully balanced XLR outputs. ‘Like all Calyx products, construction is exemplary, with all-aluminium billet construction and superb finishing,’ says Steve Lees of Wicked Digital. ‘It also ushers in a new era in digital-to-analogue conversion, offering a new level of digital clock performance measured in femtoseconds (500 femtosecond accuracy) to reduce jitter to astonishingly low levels.

The Calyx Audio Femto DAC uses twin Sabre ESS9018 DACs (8 converters per channel) and dual power supplies, one for the digital circuits and one for the analogue output stage. THD is rated at 0.0003% and dynamic range is claimed to be 130dB. It retails in Australia for $5,999.