Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Silvercore MC Pro Step up transformer

The MC Pro is Silvercore’s flagship Step up transformer, made with the greatest attention to detail possible. It uses 99.99% pure silver wire custom drawn to their specification and large amorphous toroidal cores resulting in a primary winding with an incredibly low 0.1 Ohm DC resistance. The response of the transformers is extremely flat meaning there’s no need for loading resistors which will result in a very dynamic sound quality.

The transformer is available as fully balanced (with XLR connectors for use with balanced wired tonearms) or single ended with RCA (phono) sockets.

The case features stainless steel panels and is available with white Delrin, black acrylic or wood side pieces (Zebrano is the standard wood finish, but others are available to order)
Silvercore MC Pro step up transformer with white Delrin or Black acrylic enclosure: £3,200
Silvercore MC Pro step up transformer with Zebrano wood enclosure; £3,430