Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wadax Hermes

HERMES is a universal streaming client and recorder that incorporates some unique pioneering features. Hermes can be installed in any system and it allows any music sources, analog or digital to be transferred to the media repository with better accuracy that Studio Master standards.

Fully custom server: In order to meet the extreme quality requirements, Hermes stream server core has been developed from scratch.

Custom coding: the reach the quality level desired and be able to apply the musIC process, a new custom coding was defined and is applied as a native coding format to which all media is translated.

Recorder: immortalize your analog LPs and Master Tapes without degradation, transfer your preferred media to the HERMES Net. Features analog and digital inputs to record music and deliver to the network hard disk, fast, safe and easy. - Flexibility: The server is placed on-board HERMES, so the storage element does not need to have on-board processing.

Ease-of-use: Hermes can be controlled by any web browser. An IPad native application is under development.

Build quality & Design: Hermes chassis is built from two solid blocks of 43 Kg aluminum. Industrial design by Ochoa y Díaz Llanos.

Universal: Hermes can be perfectly integrated in any system, however the best performance will be attained when connected to the Wadax system.

Weight: 35Kg / 77,16 Lbs
Dimensions (mm): H 115 x W 469 x D 341
Analog inputs: RCA, XLR
Digital inputs: USB, SPDIF, BNC, TOSLINK, WADAX musIC link.
Analog ouputs: RCA, XLR
Digital output: SPDIF, BNC, TOSLINK, WADAX music link.
Data link for repository: RJ-45.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Status: under development