Sunday, May 29, 2011

AcousticPlan Mudra

The Mudra is a complete two channel music server system, remote controlled from a battery powered wireless 8,4" touchpanel. The main unit consists two hard disks, CD/DVD ROM drive, digital audio interface/processor, D/A converter, analog volume control and a tube output stage.

Mudra uses only reliable industry components which ensure a much longer life time and a much better accuracy in audio processing than consumer components. The non resonant casing of the main unit is made of thick precision machined aluminium plates, while the remote control is CNC machined from one single aluminium block. 

No expense was spared for the tube output stage and its regulated high voltage power supply, both completely realized in pure tube technology. The analog section is fully transformer coupled, equipped with our own high quality double C-core transformers. All of the wiring for the tube output stage is carried out as point to point hand wiring, which is much more costly than using circuit boards and results in superior sonic qualities.

The complete software for the main unit as well as for the remote control is programmed in-house and uses Linux as the operating system.

Analog section:
- pure tube output stage, full transformer coupled
  output: 3V / 200Ohm
- pure tube high voltage regulator and tube rectifier
- 40 steps analog volume control with switching relais
- additional analog input (for using Mudra as a pure tube preamplifier)
  input: 250mV / 50KOhm for 1V output

Digital section:
- 2 hard discs, each with 500MB (RAID 1), optional SSD
- CD/DVD ROM drive (TEAC professional grade)
- industrial grade PC board
- digital audio processor with 192kHz/24bit format
- R2R D/A converter without any oversampling or upsampling
- additional 3 digital inputs: optical, AES/EBU, RCA
- additional 2 digital outputs: AES/EBU, RCA
- all digital interfaces transformer coupled

Remote control:
- 8,4" touch screen with wireless operation
- 10 hours battery runtime
- CNC machined casing from one single aluminium block

General informations:
- fanless operation
- external power supply with 3 conventional transformers

- Mudra is a 100% product of Germany
- operational software Linux
- extensible disk space via Ethernet

- dimensions main unit (W x H x D): 260 x 170 x  350
- dimensions remote control (W x H x D): 222 x 176 x 40
- weight: 23 kg