Monday, September 13, 2010

Stahl-Tek Vekian transport

The Transport Unit uses 2 types of vibration and shock control systems. These systems include constraint layer dampening for vibration and specially shaped energy absorbing mounts for shock. This includes the equipment foot plate system have been specially designed to transfer energy more efficiently.

The CD drive uses several types of techniques to enhance the CD servo and laser mechanisms, which are proprietary.

The components are constructed to the strictest of tolerances utilizing CNC machines, then hand assembled by highly skilled in-house technicians.

The Transport uses a massive power supply to provide stable power for all the internal electronics.

The transport uses an extremely accurate master clock that utilizes special synchronization circuitry for the transport and the Stahl~Tek Vekian D/A via the I2S interface.

The output includes I2S Output via the HDMI connector, the Balanced mode AES/EBU, the SPDIF via the RCA and BNC connectors. The Transport has 2 times and 4 times up-sampling capability on the I2S output.

Also included is a simple in design and functional remote control that is housed in a precisely machined aluminum body