Wednesday, April 25, 2018

SA.Lab. Hercules Phono

610,000 Rub

All frequency-dependent Hercules Phono’s chains are balanced. Input tube is 6Н9С. Double triode 6Н7С amplifiers HF-corrected signal and the tube’s anodes accomplish LF-correction. Single-ended output stage is based on 6ф6 pentode operating in triode mode and output transformers. Another transformer of smaller dimensions converts signal to balanced and sends it to XLR outputs.

Hercules Phono provides RIAA-curve accuracy of 0,5 dB at whole audio spectrum with minimal phase shift.

Preamplifier’s elements and parts are mounted by means of point-to-point wiring on 2-mm copper plate.

Alexey Syomin located toroidal power transformer in separate brass enclosure. The other elements of power supply — high-voltage filtering capacitors, rectifiers and chokes — are placed in the main case.

There are two MM-inputs and input selector on the face plate. For MC-cartridges it is necessary to use S.A.Lab high quality step-up transformer.

Unit’s face plate is produced from Corian (many colours to order).

Technical specifications:

RIAA-correction accuracy, dB — 0,5
Tubes — 6н9с, 6н7с и 6ф6
MM-inputs — 2
Outputs — RCA and XLR
Dimensions, mm — 190 х 460 х 460
Weight, kg — 22