Monday, January 6, 2014

HP Soundings and High Fidelity Merge - Forms The High Fidelity Report

January 6, 2014 SEA CLIFF, NY

To My Readers,

After leaving TAS I knew that I would continue my audio exploration at all costs, to continue to redefine, and define, the future of audio, to listen and to dream. I felt then, as I do now, that there is so much more to discover.

We began HP Soundings at the time of my departure from TAS to help fill that void and provide my findings a new home. Over the past year, along with my writing for this website, I have become immersed in many things, including the writing of a book, seizing much of my energy and leaving less time to run HP Soundings as I had envisioned.

Thus, I have decided to combine HP Soundings with a new magazine: The High Fidelity Report. In doing so, I will join forces with three of the most promising and talented individuals in the audio world today: Joseph Weiss, Chris Sommovigo, and Michael Mercer. I trust in these writers to continue the values, the philosophies, and the ideals that I hold dear. I trust their ears and their hearts. Alongside them, I will continue my audio journey.

It is with great excitement that I announce this new publication. Just as TAS was born at an age when audio guidance – by actually listening and comparing it to the real thing – was necessary, we currently find ourselves in a situation where audio reporting has much to be desired of. When I started TAS there was an absence of voices, especially ones trusting their ears, while today there appears to be an absence of accountability and inspiration.

With The High Fidelity Report, we will develop and incite the enthusiasms that are the essential building blocks of our audio pastime.  We will focus on the philosophies and ideals that make this industry unique. We will cover the idiosyncratic builders and dreamers of sound machines. We will share the secrets and report the truths we find.

I find it apt to repeat the words I wrote at the introduction of TAS, Issue number 1, that the main concern for us at The High Fidelity Report is with the music and it’s reproduction. We seek to pursue audio as a goal along the way to our increased appreciation of music. The audio equipment should serve the music and nothing else.

I would like to thank all of our readers for their continued support and invite you to join us on our new adventure.

And now the fun begins…