Wednesday, January 1, 2014

CAT JL5 Stereo Triode Amplifier


Convergent Audio Technology, the industry leader in high-power triode amplification, today unveiled details of its new JL5 Stereo Triode Amplifier, set to debut at CES 2014.

Featuring two 6922 input and four KT120 output tubes per channel, the amplifier is rated at 100 watts per channel into four or eight ohms.

Our goal was to make a tube amplifier as carefree to own as solid-state, so we developed a go/no-go (green/red) tube status indicator so that people don’t have to guess if their tubes are still good. We also wanted to make the amplifier auto-biasing, but the problem is that auto-biasing degrades sound quality.

CAT’s solution was to develop their own proprietary circuit: OptiBias™. It’s the first of its kind to actually compensate for line voltage fluctuations.

Measuring only 31cm wide by 50cm deep, it weighs a mere 40kg much smaller than the company’s other amplifiers.

The CAT JL5 will be on display at CES in Venetian Tower Suite 30-116.