Monday, December 16, 2013

Talo Acoustics Esscerion


Esscerion represents the current culmination of half a decade’s worth of advancing towards the goal of manifesting into reality the most richly satisfying, perfectly balanced, standalone tower speaker ever made. She represents our interpretation of the pinnacle of this expression. An all-encompassing creation tying sonic and visual beauty together, designed to bring joy inspiration and awe to those whom experience it.

Acoustic Characteristics:

When Esscerion sings the first thing you notice is the breath taking clarity as every note is articulated through its aluminum coned midranges and dual silk ring radiator diaphragm tweeters. Esscerion has an incredibly wide frequency response range of 18hz-28khz. Other manufacturers claim that their speakers are full range because they touch some bass frequencies. Well if that’s what they call full range than consider esscerion ultra full range. By being able to powerfully hit sub sonic frequencies, esscerion eliminates the need for an unsightly additional subwoofer.

Esscerion is a passive speaker system so you retain complete control over its amplification. A noticeable trade-off of its compact powerful ultra-full range performance is the very low efficiency rating of 84db/1w1m. The way this transfers into the real world is, given the same wattage, it will not seem to sound as loud as you’re used to. That is why we strongly recommend you connect esscerion to an amplifier capable of delivering at the very least 400 watts rms per channel at 4 ohms, in order to really experience it. Give her what she asks for and richly rewarded you will be.


Frequency response -18hz-28khz

Nominal impedance - 4 Ω

Power handling - 600wrms/ 2200w max

Efficiency sensitivity - 84db @ 1w/1m

Recommended amplification - 400-800 watts rms

Finish - custom

Enclosure material - epoxied high density fiberboard composite w/ special dampening

Enclosure type - sealed/bass-reflex hybrid via 10" passive radiator

Tweeter type - dual 1" neodymium silk dual ring radiator w/ phase plugs

Midrange type - dual 4" aluminum cone w/ phase plugs

Subwoofer type - single high output 8" w/ aluminum alloy cone

Height - 5'6"/168cm

Talo Acoustics