Thursday, November 7, 2013

Wadax Pre One Mk2

$32500 with Rca or Xlr input phono stage
Hermes streamer module - $4300

The PRE One Mk2 is a remote controlled preamplifier of singular distinction. Utilizing the WADAX MusIC™ process, it operates entirely in the digital domain allowing the A/D and D/A converters to process under ideal conditions. The Pre1 is composed of more than 1500 parts; many are proprietary allowing for unprecedented one-box functionality.

The PRE One Mk2 can be integrated into any system. It accepts digital inputs via USB, SPDIF, TOSLINK and BNC. It accepts balanced and single ended analogue inputs. It can be connected to any amplifier through its singled-ended or balanced outputs. Digital outputs are provided to connect the PRE One Mk2 with digital input speakers.

The optional PRE One Mk2 PHONO stage provides standard and custom mapped RIAA equalization curves for MM and MC phono cartridges.

Depending on how the PRE One Mk2 is installed in the system, it can be optimized as a preamplifier or DAC by toggling an internal switch.
There are seven operational modes:
1. Level line preamplifier
2. Preamplifier with integrated DAC
3. Preamplifier with optional integrated PHONO stage
4. WADAX optimized PureDAC mode
5. Phono stage with step up amplifier
6. Analogue to digital converter
7. Stream player and recorder

To meet the demands of WADAX signal processing a proprietary audio signal processor chip was created, the MusIC. An application specific integrated circuit.
The WADAX algorithms it runs must predict what a component will do over a wide time frame. It must do so with adequate math and time accuracy. To see it in a more practical way, more than 1500 critical signal parameters are monitored tens of thousands of times per second, where the past values of each is of paramount importance to the actual output. Some of these parameters require huge dynamic values; others provide data in micro-information scale.

MusIC ASIC CHIPS: The MusIC™ ASIC, a 480-pin device that moves 6.4 GBytes of extreme quality audio data per second, greater than 9000 times the CD standard. It is the “computational engine” of the PRE1.

MusIC MAPS: Maps communicate with the MusIC chip. Examples include, but are not limited to a unique phono stage and speaker non linearity correction.
WADAX digital link: The MusIC chip is capable of 384 dB of dynamic range. It will resolve micro-information that once heard will validate it’s sonic superiority. This 128 bit native audio signal can be stored digitally using the WADAX Digital link.

MusIC Board: The 8-layer MusIC board is composed of more than 500 parts. Each board processes four channels in real-time.
The optional phono stage combines the warmth and delicacy of vinyl playback with the accuracy and control of digital.

Signal Integrity: reducing the signal losses inherent in traditional phono preamplifiers.

Signal Reconstruction: avoiding RIAA process errors by applying ideal RIAA curves

Transducer Improvements: addressing inherent non-linear cartridge distortions

Custom Mapping: individualized signal reconstruction for the Ultimate in vinyl playback performance.

Low level analogue signals from MC or MM cartridges are “stepped up” by the WADAX NanoVolt linear amplifier; the first step in signal path before converting the signal to digital and applying the standard RIAA curves. This signal is provided on output 1.

Additionally, a set of reconstructed curves is provided on output 2. WADAX is building a cartridge data base, so the owner of a WADAX phono solution can select the Reconstruction Map of his cartridge brand and model that will be used by the MusIC chip together with the RIAA transfer function.

For ultimate performance, a third option is available – fully custom RIAA signal reconstruction. Every users tonearm, cartridge and cable combination has a non-linear transfer function unique to that system. Reversing the contamination occurring in this chain is the DiVin Mapper, comprised of a custom vinyl LP and recorder. The signal patterns are captured as played on your turntable, recorded, analyzed and sent back as fully individualized and calibrated ‘plug n’ play’ RIAA maps.

Vinyl replay at this level of precision and phase coherence is only possible in the digital domain. It is the purest copy of the original content recorded into the vinyl and in can be saved in the digital domain. Your vinyl LP’s can become your archive.

If the Pre One Mk2 receives the Hermes plug-in module, it becomes a top quality stream player and recorder. Then, all file management is synchronously clocked with the D/A master clock. With this protocol, the best possible CD content for the PRE One Mk2 would be Hermes streamed from the hard drive. No “spinning disc” transport can improve this connection for sound quality.

Hermes provides the PRE One Mk2 with recording ability, so a vinyl record can be stored at the 128 bit native resolution of the musIC chips and taking advantage of the mapping process. This ensures not only the most accurate quality today, but also a performance improvement as DAC chips evolve.

WADAX products are developed and manufactured in Spain and Switzerland utilizing the best practices of each. The Spanish firm, Ochoa y Diaz-Llanos created the award winning industrial design.

The Mechalock™ chassis and components are assembled in Switzerland. The clamshell design is milled from two 43-kilogram blocks of specially formulated aluminum alloy to provide electromagnetic shielding and resonance control. In a 5-step process the chassis is finished with neoprene microspheres for micro-resonance control. Every screw on the electronics boards is exactly torqued utilizing custom calibrated tools depending on the screw, it’s placement and material.

Power consumption ON/Stand-by: 20W/1,5W
Digital input lock range:
SPDIF: 32-192 KHz, 16-24 bits
BNC: 32-192 KHz, 16-24 bits
TOSLINK: 32-96 KHz, 16-24 bits
USB lock range(KHz): No driver is needed. 48 KHz, 16-24 bits
Analog inputs impedance: 18kohms
Analog input voltage at overload: 4V rms
Analog outputs impedance RCA/XLR: 75 ohms/150 ohms
Max output voltage RCA/XLR: 4Vrms
Wadax Digital Outputs: RJ45 carrying high definition data traffic intended for WADAX SPEAKERS.
Weight: 20Kg. / 44 Lbs
Dimensions(WxDxH): 46.9cm x 34.1cm x 10.1cm