Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Block Audio Mono Block

Pictures by Hifistatement

System price with Line preamp - €49000

600 Watts Class-A operation
A smart PCBA's and mechanical architecture leads to shortest audio signals and power supply paths without any internal wiring
A fully symmetrical design
All discrete audio circuitry
DC signal coupling with Servo-Control
2.1 kVA custom low-noise and low-radiation toroidal transformer
Decoupled transformer case
500 000 µF of power supply-filter capacitance (per channel)
Own power supply for control and protection circuits
Standby with zero power consumption
Reversible protection system
Selectable Eco/Auto Eco Bias mode
Selectable Auto Power Off mode
Status/Error display
Brightness controlled* front status LED
System remote control and temperature indication*

Continuous Output Power:
600 W rms into 4 ohms
300 W rms into 8 ohms

THD+N < 0.015 % at rated power
min. 0.002 %, IMD < 0.006 %

Frequency Response:
DC - 200 kHz ±3 dB
DC - 20 kHz ±0.01 dB

Signal/Noise Ratio:
120 dB A-weighted
117 dB unweighted
related to rated power

Damping Factor:
> 1000/8 ohms

Voltage Gain:
+29 dB (default) or +23 dB selectable

Input Sensitivity:
1.75 Vrms, default gain

Input Impedance:
20 kohms balanced
10 kohms unbalanced

1 balanced (XLR)
1 unbalanced (RCA)

2 pairs binding posts

System Remote Control:
Yes*, Neutrik RJ45

Power Consumption:
1200 W max.
600 W at idle
100 W at idle Eco mode
0 W in standby

Mains Voltage:
230/115 Vac factory pre-configured

500(w) × 275(h) × 600(d) mm

95 kg
115 kg shipping