Saturday, November 30, 2013

APL PHS-Master


PHS-Master is a MC cartridge only phono preamp using Lundahl step-up input transformer (OFC), followed by a non-negative feedback JFET and MOSFET gain stage that drives half of the RIAA EQ (passive). Then signal enters the second active gain stage built with paralleled MUSES-01 OpAmps. These new OpAmps are truly something very special and with JFET input stage. The MUSES-01 provides more gain and also takes care of the second half of the RIAA EQ (active). The MUSES-01 is connected to a very high-current MOSFET output buffer (similar to the buffers inside the HAS-M) that drives the output. The MOSFET buffer can drive even a speaker direct, so interconnect cables and following stages are not a problem.

All active stages in the PHS-Master are working in Pure Class A. The component selection is extreme - original Toshiba devices, non-magnetic resistors with OFC leads, special film capacitors, ultra-low-noise voltage regulators, oversized power supply and large custom power transformer.

The PHS-Master can provide an optional digital output for archiving vinyl to a computer or other digital recording device. The audio quality of the digital output is extreme. Customers can choose either 192kHz/24bit PCM or DSD64/DSD128 digital outputs