Monday, October 21, 2013

SST Audio “The Essence” - Single-ended tube integrated amplifier


“The Essence” offers true monoblock performance combined with an uncompromising approach to construction quality and design that is rarely found in the audio marketplace.

Designed in cooperation with Studio ZAGATO in Italy, the stunning outward appearance reflects the true nature of the design as a whole. Housing materials of “The Essence” utilize Titanium and solid African Frake-Tree wood that are not only beautiful to look at, but also effective at reducing chassis resonances to a minimum.

The chassis stands upon copper base plates, used in tandem with decoupling cones for a sturdy footing. The internal load-bearing chassis is made of stainless steel and titanium.

This attentiveness to material choice and the cohesive design, results in the most authentic and realistic musical reproduction wrapped in noble and elegant lines.

Flexibility is part of the design, allowing the enduser choices in tube selection that will reveal the subtle capabilities of each. The highest quality parts along with unique circuitry and a number of technical solutions are employed to provide a musical experience that is the essence of live sound.

The output stage uses 813 tube by General Electric, which combines the favorable aspects of the real breed of 211 head tubes with the dynamics of a classic triode 845.

At least 10 different types of tubes can be used as the driver tube, with each imparting their own unique sound. A military grade 12AX7 (5751) is used as an input tube.

Voltage rectification of the amplifier is based on four vacuum diodes to ensure required reliability and improve power quality characteristics. The amplifier uses special circuitry, using direct connection of the driver tube and output stage to provide greater dynamics and better control.

The output transformers are of increased size and made of iron M4 improved. A special choke of high quality amorphous iron is used for power filtering. Power supply capacitors are by Mundorf and Hitachi. Interstage capacitor is Jensen copper in oil. Wiring of the device is made by using a vintage copper conductor with a natural cotton insulation, produced for military equipment.

Rated output power
class A (4.8 ohms): 40 W
Input impedanse: 50 kohms
Sensitivity: 0.7 V
Frequency range (+-0.5dB): 5-43000 Hz
THD (1 kHz, 1 W): 0.2 %
Signal/Noice ratio: 90 dB
Audio inputs : RCA/XLR 3
Dimensions mm (monoblock): 600*360*260
Total weight of a monoblock: 46 kg

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