Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Human Audio Sileo

Pictures by Gpoint Audio

There are 4 different versions of Sileo:

Sileo (standard): HP amp + pre-amp  £2.449
Sileo Plus: HP amp + pre-amp + USB DAC £2.899
Sileo Light Plus: Pre-amp + USB DAC £2.599
Sileo Light: Pre-amp only £2.049

Human Audio's Sileo is an LiFePO4 battery-powered class A headphone amp with 4 x 8 output Mosfets for fully balanced operation and "enough power to drive the infamous AKG K1000".

There's a relay-switched 32-step attenuator, Oled display, bamboo-clad remote, 1:2 XLR:RCA inputs, XLR/RCA active pre outs and 1 x 4-pin XLR + 2 x 6.3mm headphone sockets. An optional 24/192 USB DAC is available built in.