Friday, September 6, 2013

Echole Omnia Cables

The Omnia line of Echole is the most expensively built cable in the market today. The idea is the massive usage of the most precious Silver Gold Palladium alloy derived through a research and development program of 3 years.

The final result is reflected as the most organic and life-like, defining naturalness and musical involvement in high-end audio. All audiophile parameters evolve significantly together with a musical involvement that all of our clients state as a paradigm shift. Several opinion leaders in the globe have already stated the Omnia line as their current reference.

Signal (Pr channel) : Several Runs of Teflon-insulated, Solid-Core OMNIAgrade SilverGoldPalladium, hand-braided and fully symmetrical. Termination: Palladium-polished Silver Oyaide terminations.

Powercord : Several Runs of Teflon insulated Solid-Core OMNIA-grade SilverGoldPalladium and several runs of HPDE-insulated, stranded, 8N purity copper. Termination: Palladium-polished Silver Oyaide terminations.

Prices all in 3 feet length.
Interconnect - €15000
Speaker - €18500
Power - €11500