Friday, February 28, 2014

Doxa 61 amplifier


Like the 8.2 speakers this is something very special.
Phenomenal sound from this single-ended zero feedback amp.

61 like all other zero-feedback amps have no problem with back-emf - electro-motive-force. Motion-induced voltage produced by the movement of the voice coil of a loudspeaker in its magnetic field.

Amps that have overall global feedback have problem with back-emf. Amps that have local feedback in the input stage have no problem with back-emf.

Doxa 61 is our ultimate musical achievement. It is our reference amplifier.

We handcraft all our amplifiers at our own factory in Kristiansand - Norway. Only the very best of components are used trough out. We try to make everything work optimally with as few components as possible. If the job is done just as well with one transistor instead of two we use one. We use parts of only the highest quality. Poor components sound bad and does not last long.
We offer a 25 year warranty and can not settle for the industry standard as far as component quality is concerned. We want to give you the best sound possible for years to come.

Some design features:

Single Ended operation
Zero feedback
Oversized power supply
Ultra short signal path
Aluminium chassis

The Model 61 sounds even better due to new inventions that has never before been seen in Audio or electronics in general for that matter - however, don't ask us about this - we don't give out answers with regards to our secret technology.

Just listen!

You might wonder why there is less specified power output in the Model 61. We use smaller but better transformers in Model 61 which sound...better. The Model 61 is also more expensive to build due to parts quality. In reality the Model 61 sounds, just not better, but more powerful than the Model 74.


Single Ended SolidState circuit

Power Supply:
app. 1000VA

Output Power:
35 watt 8 Ohm
70 watt 4 Ohm
140 watt 2 Ohm

Freq. Response:
5-1,6 MHz

Input Impedance:
10k ohm (Mainly Resistive)

Output Voltage max:
30 volt RMS, 220V AC

Less than 5 %

21 kg

43*43*14 cm (w*d*h)

Green Credentials:
Never above 23 watt in idle mode

Handmade with pride, care and skill in Kristiansand – Norway

Lead free silver solder.

25 Years

30 day Money-back-guarantee