Sunday, August 4, 2013

Stealth Dream V12 UNI

The Ultra high performance Dream V12 AC power cords are very thick (approximately 40mm in diameter), but flexible.

The Dream V12 UNI is a user-configurable cord, with fine-tuning feature (tonality change by moving a special “magnetic field shorting” collar along the cable).

The user will be able to configure the DReam V12 UNI s Digital, or Wall, or Power – by himself.

The suggested retail price:
A 1.2 meters long Dream V12 UNI cord is $4,800; $5,000 for a 1.5 meters cord.
$1,200 for each consecutive meter;

There is no price difference between 15 Amps and 20 Amps IECs.
Both the American/Japanese and European (Schuko) wall plugs are priced the same.