Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Boulder 2110 Preamplifier


Release date - September 2013

With the exception of the front panel buttons and volume control disc, every part and circuit of the 2110 Preamplifier is new and has been redesigned, marking a complete evolution of the 2010 Preamplifier.

Some of the significant changes in the 2110 include:

The complete preamplifier is comprised of four chassis and features the total isolation of left and right audio channels, logic and user interface sections, and power supplies.

A separate 2100 Power Supply chassis houses four independent power supplies for left audio, right audio, logic and user interface, and standby/power-on.

A new, microprocessor-controlled, high efficiency standby function reduces power consumption while in standby mode.

Complete surface-mount circuit board construction manufactured on Boulder’s own surface- mount pick-and-place machines and ovens to increase reliability, consistency and optimized ground planing while at the same time reducing signal path length, PCB capacitance and noise radiation.

New, ultra-low-noise, surface-mount design 993S gain stages encased in a fully machined and potted housing for thermal stability.
Redesigned high-visibility white LED front panel display.

New, modernized front panel designs for both preamplifier and power supply chassis. The
preamplifier front panel features a new wraparound, custom ground, mirror-glass display window.

Next generation of Boulder’s CMOS actuated stepped volume control incorporates full-balanced
operation for a lower noise floor and elimination of any step noise.

Full IP control via Ethernet for use with advanced control systems.

12V trigger out for remote turn-on of connected amplifiers.

New, completely machined casework milled on Boulder’s own CNC machining centers. Sheet metal has been eliminated and all casework is now interlocking machined 6060-T6 aluminum.

Powder coating and paint have been removed complete preamplifier’s finish is bead blasted and clear anodized.