Saturday, July 13, 2013

Z:Axis Audio Ariya-Sacca ~ EIGHT


Available in Black Maple or Wenge
‘MEDS’ damping & isolation technology in each shelf
Adjustable center shelf height
Each Shelf is individually isolated from the frame by Silicon Gel inserts
Adjustable feet for leveling
Weight is approx 180 Kg

Design & Construction
Acrylic, well regarded as one of the best micro-vibration isolators available, is used as the main support surface on all layers, and incorporates our unique ‘Mass Energy Dissipation System’ (MEDS©).

Most other racks work to isolate the component being supported, whereas ours not only isolates, but is also designed to dissipate residual energy (transformer vibration) from the audio component. This energy can be highly detrimental to ultimate sound quality if left within each component, so it therefore became necessary to dissipate as much as possible into a multi layer system of a custom ‘micro metallic particle’ via the 25mm acrylic top surface. Further isolation occurs at the base of the ‘tray’ shelf by a proprietary soft compound elastomer (30 duro) designed to isolate from all frequencies above 9Hz. This is then all contained in a Valchromat & hardwood base.

Our ‘mass energy dissipation system’ is the result of significant testing of media & materials, and the results really surprised us. We were aware that residual energy, caused by transformers literally vibrating at micro level inside the component (producing an audible hum), would degrade the signal passed through each component, but the result of connecting that vibrational energy to a micro metallic particle mass surprised us all.

Single width, 3 shelf, Wenge or Black ~ Ariya-Sacca THREE
Single width, 4 shelf, Wenge or Black ~ Ariya-Sacca FOUR

Double width, 3 shelf, Wenge or Black ~ Ariya-Sacca SIX
Double width, 4 shelf, Wenge or Black ~ Ariya-Sacca EIGHT

Triple width, 3 shelf, Wenge or Black ~ Ariya-Sacca NINE

Single width, Amplifier stand, Wenge or Black ~ Ariya-Sacca ONE

Shelf sizes are  approx 575mm wide x 475mm front to back.

Also to be available will be isolation plinths designed to dampen residual energy in floor-standing loudspeakers. Using the same construction techniques as the shelves, these plinth’s will help to reduce coloration from the actual speaker enclosure, resulting in improved definition, clarity & dynamic ‘slam’ when used on a suspended or wooden floor.

Each base is fitted with either 3 or 4 height adjustable feet for perfect levelling and rake angle fine tuning.
Weight is approximately 22kgs each.