Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Op-Amp Chip Hell

Boulder 1010 inside, AD797 op-amp chips everywhere, there's 50 in total!

1010 price is €14000, which include $250 of op-amp chips.

The Boulder 2010 discrete solution instead of AD797 in 1010.
There's 18 of them inside 2010, and the price is also €43000. (a new version - 2110 is coming soon)

Jeff Rowland Corus preamp at $16000.

And something different, instead of op-amp chips one can use line-transformers.
The Corus uses many Lundahl transformers.

I've heard Boulder 1010 and Jeff Rowland Corus many times, and didn't like the sound of them.
Boulder 2010 sounded outstanding, and I'm sure the discrete solution has something to do with that.