Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Magico Ultimate 3


The Ultimate 3 is a completely new version of Ultimate 1 and 2.

The difference between version 3 and version 1 and 2:

A new proprietary 15" subwoofer, powered by a new class D 4000W amplifier
A new proprietary 12" midbass, supposed to have vastly superior dispersion behavior
A new active XO
A new structural support system

Ultimate 3 is still a 5 way (4 horns with ALE drivers, one 15" sub) with 110dB sensitivity.

Minimum is bi-amp, internal amp for the sub and one amp for the rest of the drivers.
Or 3-way active - tweeter, upper bass - low and upper mid together and sub.
Or 5-way fully active with 10 channels of amplification.

Size: WxHxD 122x239x152 cm.