Wednesday, June 5, 2013

AM Audio T-90 S2 Integrated Amplifier


The new T-90 S2 is a super bargain, the price performance is outstanding - it can be compared to other brands costing around €10000.

It has no problem to get the best sound out of the Magico S1 speakers. The sound is delicate, natural, musical/organic - bass is tight, midrange and the top a little bit smooth, makes this a easy listening amplifier.

The output stage uses 2 pairs of bipolar transistors pr channel.

Capacitors - 88,000 uF total.
Transformer - 500VA encapsulated in resin.

Power output 8/4/2 ohm - 90/150/220 watt class AB
Output Current - 34/32/30A peak 8/4/2 ohm
Distortion - 0,4% at 1kHz 90 watt
Freq response - 10Hz-20kHz -1 dB, 10Hz-100kHz -3 dB
Input impedance - 10k
S/N - 112dB Aw
Slew rate - 85V
Size BxHxD - 44x10x38cm
Weight - 19kg