Friday, July 12, 2013

Orpheus Heritage SACD Transport


The SACD Heritage is the brand new device to read your CD and SACD. It has been developed with all the newest technologies avaliaible on the market. It integrates the VMK-5 mechanism from Esoteric. This product is composed with a new 4.3" TFT LCD to display all the new features of this CD / SACD drive.

A new 4.3" LCD screen with more than 16Mio color and a brightness controllable on 255 steps is used. The signal board has been developed to control the correct path of digital data and includes a self monitoring error system.

This player also incorporates the new upsampling module Q5 and the new Time Lock clocking system. To get the best audio performance of the D/A converter from the same line, the SACD Heritage integrates a DSD output and a clock out connector in order to minimize the jitter.

More Heritage products will be released in the future.