Friday, July 12, 2013

Orpheus Heritage 3 Dac


The new D/A Converter Heritage has been updated with brand new features as a new DSD (Direct Stream Direct) input.

The new DAC is able to clock with external clock incoming from the digital source. If no external clock is used, the Time Lock module will generate the master clock used for all the different stages of the converter in order to minimize the jitter.

It also keeps the high level of audio technology in using the several upsampling modules and the unique proprietary D/A converter drive modules with 4 D/A converter IC’s per channel. The scrambling technique is used in order to lower the noise due to the D/A conversion.

A firewire and a USB 192KHz input had been integrated also in order to connect the DAC Heritage with a computer in order to use the device as an impressive audio external converter.

In order to keep the highest rate of performance, we decided to keep a dual mono architecture. That means that each channel has its own power supply and its own transformer in order to erase all interaction between the channels.

The DSP board had also been reviewed in order to integrate all these new features and upgrade the level of the most legendary product from Orpheus.